What is good and worth it's to fight your stutter and never give up      

              This web is to show people that despite fact that many others are saying that is good  

                        to agree & to accept and to put your head down in front of your stutter

                                                             I disagree with that.                                              




        I'm MATT TOMZAK - Inventor of Method & App 2beFluent

              This App is new digital Invention to help stutterers

                                       to speak fluently




App                  is my method to combat with           .   

My name is Matt Tomzak and I stutter myself for 43 years.

I know exactly how you're feeling as a stutterer right now.

So many times I have had speech therapy of which none really helped

except one I had 20 years ago.

However my speech has improved to 100 % but I haven’t gained 100 % fluency permanently.

After not long time some of my stutter came back and the fluency of my speech did vary between 60 - 90 %.

It was a constant " fight " to speak with as much fluency as possible.

Today I know that stutter tends to come back when certain circumstances fulfill, that did happen in my case. 

Instead of refreshing my speech therapy I made a choice that for the next 13 years I'd look for a solution to help me become 100 % fluent again

and keep it for good.


By manipulating sound I found a solution to make it possible to make me

100 % Fluent.

What is most important to stop feeling blocked while speaking to others and be able to speak 100 % naturally without constant " attention " to fulfill all elements learned in speech therapy I had before.

This was important for me as I don't accept unnatural speech even if it's

100 % fluent.


This sound effect 2beFluent  is created to my own spec in certain classified and unique ways and it varies from other sound effects used to combat stutter.


My sound effect 2beFluent isn't available elsewhere ; it is my own unique sound effect.



I'm Inventor & I'm a designer & I'm the 1st “guinea pig” of this sound effect.

This unique sound effect I call TAAF ( Tomzak Altered Auditory Feedback ) 

is designed to recreate a “choral speech effect”.

When I use the " TAAF " sound effect I can hear myself in earphones

( while I'm talking into the microphone ) with a delay & strength of the signal, which can be regulated by myself.


What I find special is that my sound effect makes me calm and relaxed when

I speak. Even when I'm supposed to speak and I'm nervous when I hear my

" modified " voice in App 2beFluent makes me more calm and any blocks which may be seen on horizon disappear. 


When I use my App 2beFluent and I follow my guidelines blocks go away, which means I'm free of blocks which makes me fluent.

There is one very important ( crucial ) rule : it must be fulfilled during use of my Invention, the stutterer must slow down his speech.

So he must hear his voice to go with the same speech tempo with this one he will hear in earphones like in choir speech, not to be ahead

of it, but to with it. If he won't slow down his speech in a satisfactory level the idea won't work or will work in partial strength only.

I use this sound effect for the last year on myself and it helps me to be fluent when I use it.

My tests with other stutterers have had positive results, in 100 % cases there were immediate reductions of stuttering.

I'm quite confident that you can also become more fluent like me.

I must emphasize this is not a " magic pill " which makes you fluent when

you take it.

We need to start at some point to help you right now by using this tool, which

I have designed and created for myself. Now you have a chance to try it.

To start to make the task of fluency possible in the long term, you have to work on your speech whilst you are fluent. App 2beFluent can make you

more fluent so you can work further on your speech.

When you will use my App 2beFluent you must also fully follow my advice.

If you won't fully follow my advice when you use my App 2beFluent the effect may not work or may not work correctly as it should.

My idea is that App 2beFluent will work in any " difficult " situation.

App 2beFluent you'll have with you all the time, but it depends only from you

if and when you'll use it.

In some situations you may decide that you don't need it.

I'm doing just like that, sometimes I'm using App 2beFluent often,

and sometimes I'm not using App 2beFluent at all.

When I offer you my App 2beFluent this is the start of my method by giving you a tool to combat your stutter.

The long term plan is to constantly develop & adjust my method. Your experience with App 2beFluent will be priceless for me.

Speaking with App 2beFluent should be natural, spontaneous, calm.

Please contact me after you purchase App 2beFluent as I'd recommend online lessons ( the 1st lesson will be free of charge ) face to face that I'd be able to pass on my experience & know​ledge – on how to use it.

It is very important to use App 2beFluent in the correct way.

Before you make your choice to enter subscription of my App2beFluent you must watch my movies about App 2beFluent.

Either you think that you need or you don't need my online lessons please watch my movies on my YouTube channel : Matt Tomzak / 2beFluent or twobefluent - 2beFluent / Matt Tomzak


                             click on icon below and you'll be redirected


to see subtitles in your own language go to : ( youtube ) settings ( right bottom corner

of movie screen ) / subtitles / auto - translate / and then choose your own language 

There could be some problems on certain Smartphones ( I hope only 

Samsung Smartphone users are affected, for sure model A21s ) when using App 2beFluent and that's way there is option to download App for free. And there is 3 days free ( for all Smartphone users ) window time before subscription become payable.

Download App 2beFluent from Google Play Store is free of charge.

Then App 2beFluent is available only through 1 month subscription - this is self - renewal 1 month ( 30 days ) subscription fee with possibility of to pause or to cancel it anytime.

Amount for 1st month is at promotional rate at the moment with discount 

from the normal price of subscription.

Subscription may be managed by the user and can be paused or cancelled anytime.


App 2beFluent requires access to the Internet ( WiFi or mobile internet ).

App 2beFluent communicates regularly ( from time to time ) with Google Play Store,  however App can work without internet connection up to 3 days.

App 2beFluent is available & works only on Smartphone / or Tablet with Android system.

App 2beFluent doesn't work on I-phone and on Apple Tablet with iOS system.

Telephone use for incoming and outgoing calls is supported, you can use

an upgraded version of App while using your Smartphone.

When you'll be using App 2beFluent you'll hear your voice in your earphones, you should get used to it. For some people who don't like their own voice they hear - please click on icon below and you'll be redirected to watch movie which explains it



                                      click on icon below and you'll be redirected





( to see subtitles in your own language go to : ( youtube ) settings ( right bottom corner

of movie screen ) / subtitles / auto - translate / and then choose your own language ).

When I did mention in my above text about you must also work on your speech.

If you didn't hear about it yet please watch this movie and start to exercise. Using my App2beFluent should be natural incl. breathing technique.

I believe that this kind of Diaphragmatic Breathing Technique exercises

will help you to speak fluently.


                             click on icon below and you'll be redirected


( to see subtitles in your own language go to : ( youtube ) settings ( right bottom corner

of movie screen ) / subtitles / auto - translate / and then choose your own language ).








I believe that spontaneous fluency without blocked speech comes in pair with having calm inside you - in my theory this is one of " puzzles " you need for to speak fluently. 

Speaking with App 2beFluent should be natural, spontaneous, calm. 






Below some relaxation music or you can choose something different that

suits you better.

                     click on icon below and you'll be redirected

I'd suggest that you may listen to some recordings :

a) there were tests App 2beFluent in other people with stutter. 

You can hear what was recorded " on the test of App 2beFluent with a person with moderate stutter " - 3 min. Person with ( moderate ) stutter in his everyday life,

guy ( in his 50s ), stuttering for ca. 45 years. In this recording ( his 1st test with

App 2beFluent ) he speaks with his normal tempo speech, he speaks without being  prepared in any way to say any text nor reading any text, just natural spontaneous speech. As you can hear there are no blocks, no repetitions, no prolongations,

he speaks in his own intonation, no artificial feel of sound of his speech,

we can hear just his fluent natural speech including some little naturally sounded pauses. Normally without App 2beFluent he probably wouldn't say fluent

even 1 sentence. Situation was normal ( low stress ), during his speech there were above 10 people present in the room including 2 guests ( me and another person ) visiting for the 1st time. 

b) there is a recording ( 1.46 min. ) of my speech with stutter, I was talking over

the phone with someone else close to me, there was no rush, no much stress,

just casual talk about what are plans for next morning. Whole phone conversation took a few minutes, I had cut out my ( a bit ) more fluent speech ( not much

I must say ) and someone else's speech. What's left you can hear now - my old speech with stutter. If I wouldn't take risk to go through ( hard ) speech therapy

20 years ago and after to work ( a lot ) on my speech I would probably sound today

( in 2020 ) as on this recording. My new speech I have used for the last 20 years you can hear when you look at my movies on my YouTube channel : 

Matt Tomzak / 2beFluent , twobefluent - 2beFluent / Matt Tomzak

when I talk about my whole Method and App 2beFluent. 

Address of my podcasts :   anchor.fm/matt-tomzak--2befluent


                                                          click on icon below and you'll be redirected

App 2beFluent tests ( 2019 ) :

a) We did try on 7 people, in 2 cases it took their stutter to nil. In another 1 case

( heavy stutter ) took down stutter down significant ca. 70 % - there was a problem to start speech at all as the person had heavy blocks before starting talking but we got over it.

In a couple other cases it took their stutter down 50 % ( these people had problems 

to slow down their speech ).

1 person said it makes it even worse, however she added she had neurosurgery

in the past which went wrong.

Speech therapist who was present on a test called using App 2beFluent  warm and  safe  

hat  when they put headphones on their head and they stuttered much less ( or not at all ) as before.

b) There were 3 people with stutter.

We did try on boy ( medium stutter & medium or some heavier blocks ), there was a bit problem with slow down his speech and keep slowed for all the time we did test,

but we did it, and he started to speak fluently - 85 %

I asked him : " can you say in % about how you had felt relaxed ? " . 

He said : " 25 %". 


With a girl ( light stutter ), very fast talker, she did not stutter from 1st view

( I didn't hear or see stutter at all ).

She said : " I usually don't stutter while I'm out of my house, I have a problem

with stutter when I'm home while I'm talking to my family ".

It wasn't straight away we managed to slow down her speech, but we did it,

and we received 100 % fluency.

I had asked her question : " did you feel any relief while talking with 2beFluent ?

any relaxed feeling ? can you describe in % ? and she answered :

" I felt much relaxed, like 75 % improvement ."

Guy with ( severe stutter & heavy blocks ), we did try, there was a huge problem to start talking at all as his blocks and to slow down his speech.

He said : " I don't enjoy speaking with this Speech aid, I used to use DAF apparatus

in the past. Also I had Speech therapy in the past which wasn't successful and

I don't recollect that therapy well, I'd like to finish this test now ".

Unfortunately I couldn't help him, the test was too short ( ca. 20 minutes ).

Speech therapist who was present said :

" Any device, any help, anything to help these people ( with stutter ) to talk fluently

for any period of time is most welcome by us Speech therapists to allow , to help us

to work with those people ".

c) The girl ( moderate stutter ) she was a very fast talker and we had some problems

with slowing down her speech to the correct level. But we managed it and she started to talk much more fluently.

I may say improvement was ca. 80 - 90 %.

I did ask her at the end : " did you feel relaxed while using App 2beFluent ?

Did you feel any relief ? ". She answered : " yes, I felt much more relaxed,

however I still felt some tension in my neck while talking ".

Speech therapist who was presented commented : " we can work on tensions in muscles, that's no problem ".

d) That guy had ( a bit ) stutter, it was little and hardly noticed.

After some instruction he slowed his speech very nicely, his stutter went away and improvement was significant - 100 % fluency.

At the beginning it was a bit tricky to keep his speech slowed as naturally he speaks fast, but it was possible.

e) There were 8 people with ( mild, moderate, severe, very severe ) stutter.

3 Guys ( moderate stutter ) there was little problem to reduce their speech tempo and

to keep them to speak slower, but no big difficulties. Very good improvement

reduces 80 - 90% of their stutter and completely reduces of their blocks.

Girl ( very severe stutter - very long blocks before she could start talk and heavy blocks during speech ).
When we had started using my App 2beFluent it helped her continue talking.

According to her stutter level  there was 50 % improvement.

2 guys ( moderate stutter ). There was difficulty in slowing down their speech,

unfortunately they didn't listen to me much ( completely ignored my advice ).

There was reduction in their stutter 50 % - 70 %.

Girl, her speech tempo was slowed down beautifully by herself ( with my very little help

at the beginning ), with her it was 100% fluency improvement.

Guy ( mild stutter ) he was very good too, however he was after speech therapy 

and he could slow down his speech tempo ( and keep it ) without problem. 

His improvement is 100 % fluency.

All 8 people on the test except the last guy were using their learned over there speech therapy which was " Rhythmic speech ".

I saw those 8 people ( apart from one ) all were knocking rhythm with their hand

( using fingers ), sounded like haltingly rhythmic artificial talk. 

These two : " Rhythmic speech " and my App 2beFluent they don't go well together,

rather they are opposite 180 degrees from each other.


Speaking with App 2beFluent should be natural, spontaneous, calm

My experiment ( July 2019 ) about using my 2beFluent “ TAAF “ sound effect which

is AFF efect and “ old fashioned DAF “ sound effect which is also AAF effect :


I receive questions about my Invention App 2beFluent, some people try to compare and make the opinion that my App 2beFluent “ TAAF ” effect isn't something different

to the old fashioned DAF effect.

Personally I have a negative opinion about the DAF effect - I know it doesn't work

for people with stutter at least in the long ( more than couple of months ) term.

Overall effectiveness of the DAF effect is very dubious.

I used to have and I used 3 DAF apparatuses, between 1983 – 1994.

There was ( when using DAF ) no improvement to the fluency of my speech.

Regarding my experiment I had decided to use both effects at the same or very close

to each other times while I was shopping in the Shopping Center.

I did use 2 languages Polish and English alternatively. There wasn't a difference

in App 2beFluent effectiveness regarding the language I had used.

In one ear I had an earphone with my App 2beFluent " TAAF " effect.

In my other ear I had an earphone with DAF effect.
Sometimes I did talk and I heard myself simultaneously in both ears with

2 different effects ( my Invention “TAAF “ effect and DAF effect ).
Sometimes I did talk and I used one earphone alternatively with another one.

So, ones my Invention effect and afterwards DAF effect.

When using earphone with my Invention “ TAAF “ effect I felt relaxed, calm, and even

when I felt inside about some block could be coming, or it will come right now my fear against the block disappears when I was starting to talk and to hear myself.

And with an earphone with DAF effect I had heard my delayed speech however

I didn't feel anything special, just flat to my emotions sound -

no relaxation, no calm, nothing to feel more secure against coming blocks.

Sound effect ( DAF ) did help ( a bit ) to my stutter but it was irrelevant for my emotions.

I did feel like I was left alone me and my blocks and I didn't feel secure while I was talking.

Any conclusions about mentioned effects I'd leave to yourself.

  • YouTube
  • YouTube

Some history about me and my Invention App 2beFluent :


This story is about me and about my invention for people with stutter.
I'm Matt and I stutter myself, I did start 43 years ago.

I believe I have created something truly unique, originally it was designed to help myself, however the idea now is to help others too. 

7 years ago with about to begin to get depression and while considering what will be with

my speech in my life, a bit by coincidence, more because I was so desperate to improve

fluency of my speech and move on with my life I found that some manipulated sound effect

is helping me to speak fluent and I'm relaxed at the same time.

1st tests were done on myself, for a few weeks I used to call my friend every day to talk

for 20 minutes to see if that effect still holds me talking well ? And yes, it did.

What I have created is manipulated in a specific way a sound effect which I couldn't find elsewhere.
This is not a DAF ( Delayed Auditory Feedback ) effect device, nor an effect similar to other effects / devices available on the market already.

My idea has started from scratch, from nothing, from a blank page. My effect was designed

by myself to help myself to overcome my stutter and be able to keep my speech tempo slower,

as I have problems speaking faster and faster like Ferrari on the motorway with a glued gas pedal to the floor.

When I had created my effect I didn't want to look backwards on DAF because I knew

the DAF effect wasn't helping ( I used to use them a long time ago in late 80-ties /

early 90-ties ). I had 2 such DAF apparatuses.
From the 1st view my effect could be mistaken with DAF, operating principle looks similar

to DAF effect. 

However there is a difference in perception between my effect and DAF effect I can assure

you that - I know what is the difference, however this data won't be released due to my rights

as inventor.

When we're using my effect we can hear ourselves in earphones when we're talking to the microphone ( with delay which we can regulate to our own need )

There is one VERY important ( crucial ) rule it must be fulfilled during use of my Invention, stutterer must slow down his speech. So he must hear his voice to go with the same speech tempo with this one he will hear in earphones like in choir speech, not to be ahead of it, but to be with it. If he won't slow down his speech to a satisfactory level the idea won't work or will work in partial strength only.

I made ( until now ) tests on me, and I made tests on another 5-6 people ( age 25-65 )

in the UK including heavy stammerers. And they ( heavy stammerers )

stopped ( from 60 to 99 % of their stutter ) to stammer, their blocks were mostly /

or in large % reduced.
Next tests were done in Poland. Another over 20 Stutterers took part in those tests and results were mostly full success. 

There isn't my idea to tie you to my effect forever. I hope when using my Invention after time

you will be able to forget about App 2beFluent when you will be speaking fluently.
It is possible that over some period of time you will feel more safe when still having it with

you - when switched off but available to use it ( if you feel you need to ). 

The next ( not final ) step of my idea is to make an Android App which is in progress just now. The 1st App 2beFluent version should see daylight soon.
The person who stutters will be able to download an App from any place on the World when there is Internet available and using his own device ( Smartphone, Tablet ) based on Android would be able to use it outside.

I'm just in process of thinking how to organize distribution and how to pass you my know-how, it's very possible ( tbf certain ) that I'd need to set up " lessons " - probably on-line.

Without my knowledge, experience, and how to practice with it, some people may struggle with it, at least at the beginning of using it.
I feel that my and I hope your happy day to try it will be coming soon.

you'll find important news on Twitter    MattTomzak & 2beFluent


YouTube channels :       Matt Tomzak / 2beFluent


                                          twobefluent - 2beFluent / Matt Tomzak

my email address                  2befluent@gmail.com


you can join in my FB group : Stop Stutter - 2beFluent

my Facebook Pages :     2BeFluent    ( in English )

                                       TwobeFluent     ( po Polsku ) 

                                       Matt Tomzak     ( in English ) 

                                       Zaikanie - 2befluent   ( на русском языке ) 

                                       Nicht Stottern   ( auf Deutsch ) 

www.nichtstottern.de       www.twobefluent.com     www.zaikanie.co.uk

Project " From being stutterer to being speaking fluent "

Terms & conditions :


- you need to be stutterer

- you need to speak in at least one of following languages : English or Polish

or German to be able to communicate with me in one of above languages

- you need to own Smartphone with Android operating system with internet access

on regular basis

- you need to have access to internet and be able to use Skype regularly

- you need to have your own motivation and self-drive to work on your speech on your own every day, use my App, cooperate with me, experiment with me ( on your speech ) , follow my advice to become person free from stutter

- there maybe ups and downs in your believe that I may make you free from stutter,

in your downs you need just to listen i follow my advice

- my project isn't a miracle nor some " quick fix " or easy " cure " when you plug in into App and you become fully " cured " from stutter and please don't expect results after

a few days or few weeks. However there could be very quickly achievable results which will need to be work on them to become sustainable on long term basis

- my project is long term slowly going process to get rid of your stutter forever 

- we won't work on how to improve your current speech with stutter nor to mend your stutter to become more fluent like on others fluency shaping methods

- we will work how to create your new speech without stutter, this won't just include

a " therapy room " situation. This will include every day any place situation including higher stress situations in your life

- initially project may take up to 12 months, this estimate is approximately only,

it could be extended when both parties will agree

- we can't stop the project, we can only suspend it ( for serious reasons ) when both parties agree.

- if you stop project or suspend on your behalf only I am free to terminate project immediately

- there is no option of open project which has been once stopped

- we work on " no profit " basis both ways, it means we both invest our time & energy into this project and we don't expect profit from it

- what you may gain from this project is your new life with new free from stutter speech

( this won't be controlled stutter speech only )

- what I gain will be more data into my research into stuttering

- there won't be fee for using my App nor for any other activity between you and me regarding this project 

( this up to 12 months unless agreed otherwise after 12 months )

- I will hold all rights to own any " research " material regarding this project incl. recordings of movies, all data from our cooperation and I will have right to publish

them on my demand in any place without your permission

- you are not holding any of above rights from my " research " 

Privacy Policy


This page has been compiled to inform those who are concerned with how their 'Personally Identifiable Information' (PII) is being used online.


2beFluent is a Commercial App used for experimenting with the ”TAAF Tomzak Altered Auditory Feedback “ which is manipulated Altered Auditory Feedback. The “ TAAF ” is sound played with delay.

The Application 2beFluent requires permission to record audio in order to produce the " TAAF " effect necessary to use this APP.

The recorded audio is only played at the same time of recording. There is no saved or written data to a file system. No audio recording occurs without some indication on the notification bar or main screen.


Our App 2beFluent permissions :


-android permission- Record Audio

-android permission - Foreground   Service

-android permission – Internet

-android permission – Access   Network     State

-android permission – Check   License

-android permission - Read Phone State

-android permission - Billing


No personally identifiable information is being transmitted using this App 2beFluent.

The Application 2beFluent doesn't collect time

& location information of the device.

We do not collect any of your personal information from users signed with Google accounts.

We do not use cookies for tracking purposes.

We don't send marketing or spam.

We aren't responsible for Google cookies and any Google collecting Data services or other 3rd party services used by Google.

We receive only APP troubleshooting data which we may analyze for our APP service diagnose and testing purposes.

If you are a parent or guardian of your child under the age of 18 you are aware that your Child may have provided us with Personal Data without verification of your consent and in that case you agree it's your responsibility to contact us if you wish to do so. However we don't collect provided personal data.


We may update our Privacy Policy from time to time.

You are advised to review this Privacy Policy periodically for any changes. Changes to this Privacy Policy are effective when they are posted on this page.


If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact us

by email : 2befluent@gmail.com

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